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June 1994


That's it.

The Capn's Log ends here.

In retrospect, the keeping of a log has proven a mixed blessing at best.

Although cathartic at the time, and useful as a Cautionary Tale for Young Adventurers, the recording of insults and slurs has left
a residual bitterness among the crew
which continues to this day.

Seeing the pictures and hearing the words have also stirred memories best left
in the past.

Waking nightmares.

Night sweats.

Ghost pain in the shoulder . . . . the horror.

The horror.

Interestingly, the Cap'n, Deryk the Elder, and Mikey did recover sufficiently to muster the following year and join the Enmark Expedition to Pointer Lake,
and the log continues.

The story of those further adventures may
(or may not)
be published at some later date.

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June 8: Day Four
D - keep clear of me, I am manoevering with difficulty
Marine signal flag: "keep clear of me, I am manoevering with difficulty"

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