June 5, 1830: Lost at sea

The Cap'n looks for a marker

1835 - Marker 17 - Not lost, just slower than we thought we were.

1850 Mike is happy he doesn't give a damn about the rest of us.

June 5, 6:54

We are not lost at sea. All we have to do is find the signs. Ed and I won at crib!!! Mike parked the boat in a bay I'm not sure where - but he did none helluva job! It's quiet out here and great! The white guys are making fire - Good luck!

Jones Island. Murray caught the first fish - a baby pickeral - Pete kissed it, and Mike let it go.

Murray with Moby

June 6, 1994:     Day 2
Thomas Lake

W - I require medical assistance
Marine signal flag: "I require medical assistance"
June 6: Day Two

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