June 7: Iggle Island and the Return to Thomas Lake

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Pete breaks his promises - he was out on the rear deck at 6:00 a.m. A terrible thing to discover that an Exec. Director doesn't keep his word.

7:30 - Everyone with coffee on rear deck admiring the wildlife. We've identified a golden eagle.

June 7th - 8:10 Great excitement on board!! Cap'n wants to go birding. The procedure of tying up to the island where the iggle's nest is causes great mirth to various members of the crew. I particularly enjoyed hearing the Cap'n say "Oh fuck. Fucking thing. Murray YOU come and drive the fucking thing." Taylor Sanderson and Arndt. What a team. "The other way, Murray. Turn the wheel RIGHT." "It IS right." "OK! Power us out!" It looks like we are not going to land. A suggestion has been put forward that we CIRCLE the island while having breakfast. All the landing attempts have been in vain. But it was fun while it lasted.

Note: & P.S. - Through persistence, or Murray's one-mindedness, and other words suggested by crew - we made successful landing on "Iggle" island.

Iggle's Nest

Iggle's Nest

Iggle's Nest as seen through the asshole of an Iggle leaving the nest
Iggle's Nest as seen through
the asshole of an Iggle
leaving the nest

Today we saw Eagles - Bald and Golden. I saw a bird that flew extremely fast. I figure that it was a cross between a Turn and a Barn Swallow. Sometimes I worry about the navigators but we have a radio and if we fuck up - I'll order a plane!!

Breakfast is being served. We have bacon - eggs sausages and pancakes. Derek was the chef today. I'm glad they found Thomas Lake. It proves that all politicians don't bullshit!

9:19 Crew watching birds - unable to agree whether "tern" right or left or otherwise.

9:24 Mikey and I.A. done clean-up - no bitching noted - absence of bitching greatly appreciated as was not case on previous voyage.

9:25 E.D. Ross worried and waffling east wind - may not find fish in Hunter's Bay. Alternatives suggested - none selected.

E.D. Ross suggests saving leftover bacon and sausage as bait for perch - does that mean his confidence in finding trout is waning.

9:34 Remembrance of Hebb - the clean-up crew have started bitching. Mike wants the burners cleaned, and Murray is concerned about getting dishpan hands.

9:40 Mikey conducting "knot tying" training for I.A. . . . dissention continues.

10:20 I.A. expresses concern re: their location on crib board vz a vz other players - "It doesn't look good" he observed correctly.

10:26 I.A. observed "Pegged well, but came up dry in our hands."

10:45 Mike is heading the boat in the general direction, avoiding brown water! We still have to figure out if direction and destination are one and the same.

11:07 the crew of the Fishin Magician convenes to discuss Plan B. It appears that the guide Pete lined up for Hunter Bay is not lined up. This discovered by calling Eagle Point while drifting N.E. of Hunter Bay. The good news is - Plan B is cheaper. The bad news - looks like another Battaan Death March back to Thomas Lake. Some of the crew openly weeping. It's just as well I didn't take a shower . . .

11 something

We are headed East - Northeast. Thomas Lake the destination. We will succeed - at what I'm not sure.

We found the hole - we think! Ed maneuverd the boat on the East side of the creek. There's another Houseboat here!

1:40 The boat broke. Phone for help!! Channel 88. Eagle Point is out of range. We imported some mechanics - white guys - may move yet! Derek is cool!!

RescuedWe have high priced people working on out motor. The birds, squirrels and mink are laughing. I thought I heard a frog laugh - I'll check.

It can't be fixed even with pliers what more could a master mechanic ask for.

Our luck was unbelievable the only houseboat in range has a starter rebuilder on it. Ed, Dennis, Paul without getting pd by the hour they got straight to work with this male ego challenging task. Seems these fellows were fishermen as well and had caught fish that too were badly hooked.

They were fine fellows and after repairing all that was broke and that "we" broke at last success. Cap'n at the helm we're back to Thomas Lake.

7:00 The fishermen have returned with a couple of baby snake fillets. Minimal complaining. Pete and Deryk had a good afternoon discussing the philosophy of life, fishing and living the good life.

E.D. and The Elder

7:15 We, the fishermen slash woodsmen have indeed returned. With fish. Not as many as yesterday, true. And not as big as yesterday, true. But we learned from yesterday's mistakes insofar as the trail went and insofar as packing fish on poles. This time we cut through the bush, blazing a path and then cut west to join the main trail. This cut out SOME of the swampy bits. And instead of bringing back whole fish on a pole (goddam shoulder is STILL sore) we brought back fillets. The Cap'n and Murray caught lots and threw back most. Great Joy.

For me, the best moment of the day was in the canoe. Murray threw back a fish that may have been "badly hooked". The fucker was floating white side up and Murray asked "Is he going to be O.K.?" and I immediately replied "Oh yeah he'll be fine." We laughed for five minutes.

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June 8, 1994:     Day 4
Boat breaks again

F - I am disabled, communicate with me
Marine signal flag: "I am disabled, communicate with me"
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